What is Warhams?


WarHams is a Tabletop RPG Live Play show born from the crazy minds that brought you the "If the Emperor had a TTS Device."
The show spawned by ZoranTheBear asking several people in the production crew of TTS if they wanted to create a TTRPG show to fill up the time in between episodes. So we slapped our goofiness together and now we're trying to make you all laugh.
Our goal with WarHams is to bring smiles and entertainment to TTRPG and Warhammer fans alike.

Where/When can I watch Warhams?


WarHams 40,000 premieres on ZoranTheBear's Twitch every -other- Saturday at 1:00 p.m. PST.
Once started, WarHams Fantasy will be on the other Saturdays WarHams 40,000 doesn't premiere. Check the schedule section on our website or follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

Can my kids watch this show?


We don't recommend it. WarHams is meant for a mature audience.

When do the WarHams VoDs/videos show up on Youtube?


Around one week after the Twitch broadcast, usually on the upcoming Sunday. The video will show up on ZoranTheBear's Youtube channel.

I want to submit a complication for WarHams! How can I do that?


Complications are reserved for those who donate to us on Patreon. You can contribute to the show and submit your complication idea here.

I have a sensitivity towards a specific topic/event. Is WarHams compatible for me?


We try to keep things fairly comfortable and safe for our audience. But our humor and situations that may occur might not fit some's sensitivities.
We are in the Grim Dark future/Grim Dark world of Warhammer, which is filled with brutal and sometimes uncomfortable settings. So if anything like that would disturb you, we recommend you skip that particular episode. Overall we try our best to be considerate to everything.

I want to support the show but I can't donate/sub. What can I do to help?


You are not obligated to donate!
One of the best ways to help out the show is to show up for the live streams and tell the world about us! The power of word of mouth is extremely strong, so the more our fans tell the world about us the better it is! Tell your communities about the show if they're interested. But please don't force it upon people!
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