Frequently Asked Questions For those in the back

Frequently asked questions about WarHams

What is Warhams?

WarHams is a Tabletop RPG Live Play show born from the crazy minds that brought you “If the Emperor had a TTS Device.” The show spawned by ZoranTheBear asking several people in the production crew of TTS if they wanted to create a TTRPG show to fill up the time in between episodes. So we slapped our goofiness together and now we’re trying to make you all laugh. Our goal with WarHams is to bring smiles and entertainment to TTRPG fans around the world.

Where/When can I watch Warhams?

WarHams is streamed live on ZoranTheBear’s Twitch channel and then uploaded on the Youtube Channel. You can find when we’re live by following our Twitter for live notifications. Or checking our schedule section on the website.

I want to support the show but I can’t donate/sub. What can I do to help?

Please don’t feel obligated to donate. Just attending the live streams and telling people we exist is one of the best ways to help us out. Other than that, we hope you enjoy the content we create.

Why are the Twitch VoDs subscriber only? And why do Patrons on Patreon get the youtube video early?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s to help afford the production quality we put forth in our content. Not to mention it helps keep bills at bay for several of the cast members, and keeps a roof over ZoranTheBear’s head. Paying for so much art and paying for everyone’s hard work does add up to a considerable cost. So the contributions from Twitch and Patreon help a lot.

Also, due to our Patreon system of allowing people to get the Youtube VoD a week early. If we allowed the Twitch VoD to not be in sub only mode, then that wouldn’t be fair to them. So it’s to keep it fair on that front.

For those less fortunate or not wanting to contribute, no worries. You will be able to listen to all of the episodes for free on Youtube and Podcast after a week or two after we go live on Twitch.

When do the WarHams VoDs/videos show up on Youtube/Podcast?

Around one week after the Twitch broadcast, usually on the upcoming Sunday. The video will show up on ZoranTheBear’s Youtube channel. The same goes for the Podcast version on various platforms.

Is WarHams available in audio/podcast?

It is! You can check them out here:
WarHams 40K:

WarHams Fantasy:

I want to submit a complication for WarHams 40K! How can I do that?

Complications are reserved for those who contribute to Patreon. You can contribute to the show and submit your complication idea here. Remember that we do not accept outrageous results, and you’re contributing to a pool of complications for us to pull from. A complication is an unfortunate result of an action, or a situation that makes the scenario interesting.

If we get another complication result for Magnus the Red to appear and call Leman a furry f*** one more time we’re gonna scream.

Hey! I donated for a player to do five back flips during the Twitch broadcast and you didn’t do my thing! What gives?

We do not accept custom requests via donations during the WarHams twitch broadcasts. We pull from the complication results pool Patrons send us. We filter through those so we do not get memes or just awkward complications into the show.

We here at WarHams still really appreciate your donation as it helps us out immensely. It helps a ton behind the scenes.

Is WarHams part of the TTS-verse?

WarHams 40K is, our ambassadors are part of the “bro-trip” crusade in Alfabusa’s Bro-Trip Crusade side series. WarHams Fantasy is not part of TTS or the TTS-verse.

Why don’t you use webcams?

Amongst some cast member’s personal reasons, we’re simply not a fan of them.

Can my kids watch this show?

We intended WarHams to be suited for audiences comfortable with adult language. So we recommend 18+, but it’s up to you as a parent to know what’s best for your chaos spawn.

I have a sensitivity towards a specific topic/event. Is WarHams compatible for me?

We try to keep things comfortable and safe for our audience. But, there are a lot of personalities and preferences, and we’re not going to please everyone.

We ask that you understand that we aim to not be offensive, inconsiderate, and antagonistic. Some jokes hit and others don’t, and as we learn more about people and the world we will ever strive to better ourselves.