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What is this?

“Tribes of the Debt Collector” is a series of living campaigns that allow Warhams fans to influence the ongoing narrative of the show—specifically the ongoing events within the lower decks of our heroes’ totally awesome starship, the Debt Collector.

These campaigns track the progress of several different groups that exist onboard the Debt Collector as told through games of Warhammer 40k played by fans of the show. The results of these games are recorded and count towards advancing and resolving the ongoing internal feuds among the various different groups (the tribes) within the Debt Collector

What tribes are available for me to join?

When you want it, fresh off the grill!

The Beef Kings formed after Uncle Hej Hej Swinetooth decided to host a cookout on the Lower Decks. Many of the Debt Collector’s residents soon fell into a near euphoric “meat coma” where they subsequently became obsessed with the concept of cooking and the acquisition of “meat”. Now, these poor unfortunate souls spend their days scrounging the lower levels of the ship for any and all sources of meat they can find. 

This band of dedicated meat enthusiasts form together in tight communities. They routinely refute being labelled as little more than rabid cannibals! After all, they painstakingly and precisely debone, render, marinate, and spice their “specially acquired meats” before offering them for sale in their lower deck BBQs.

It is said that if a soul were to venture deep within the capillaries of the Debt Collector, one could find a paradise utterly free from want, care, or toil. This is mostly said by the Promethium Huffers to idiots, who they then beat up and rob. There is no currency in ‘Huffer dens’, no barter system, and thus they stand to gain nothing from these robberies. This violence is without purpose, for as their name suggests the Promethium huffers huff promethium, an activity as stupid as it is lethal. 

Yet to some half-lifed Huffpriests, there is secret wisdom behind their culture of neural degeneracy. That by destroying themselves, they might be elevated to a transcendent state of ‘batshit consciousness’, and thus be free of all worldly concerns for a time, then immediately die. It is nothing short of a nihilistic death cult. To the Huffers, there is no special significance given to Promethium as an idol or token of worship. Instead, it is inhaled for the simple reason that it deprives the ship of a resource it desperately needs. The inevitable death that follows shortly thereafter is seen as incidental.

Of course, were any Promethium Huffers lucid enough to explain their cause in detail, they’d be immediately killed by their fellows. The mere lack of purpose in itself, the purpose.

And then they would explode because they huff Promethium.

In the many side-tunnels and ductways snaking through the fuming heart of the Debt Collector, there exists a dearth of technologically-minded people whose lives are often spent wiring, re-wiring, and attending to the various cogitators and misplaced databanks that dot the areas surrounding the abode of the Enginseer. 

For her part, Ga-Mu has cultivated these people (whether with beneficent or self-centered intent), and given them a title to bear upon their shoulders as her personal cadre of tech-menials. They consider it a mark of honor to work under her guidance as they toil in the stygian arteries of their void-bound home, and happily tout the virtues of her forgeworld, whistling and singing as they carry out their dangerous tasks.

However, only those whom Ga-Mu trusts with the very delicate task of assisting her in her Omnissian Rites can truly be called Ga-Mu’s Debuggers. 

Q: Awesome! How do I join one of these factions?

Head over to the #pick-your-tribe channel on Discord and react to the faction you want to be apart of. Remember, you can only be 1 and only 1. So choose wisely! If we find out someone is switching factions, then we’ll be removing them.

Q: All right, what games can I play to contribute to the campaign?

Currently, we support these games:

**Warhammer 40K (8th & 9th Edition)**

**WH40K Killteam**

(Why not X game?) We aren’t familiar with those systems yet. And we don’t want a small few dominating the numbers with a game that’s easy to churn through compared to the others.

If you like playing these games, then you may want to check out our #looking-for-game channel and put up a post saying you’re looking for a game.

Q: Is this using 9th edition’s crusade rules?

No, this is mostly narrative play. So if you plan to use any crusade relics, we do not recommend using them.

Q: Do I need to play a specific army if I’m with X faction?

Nope! Play whatever army/force you like.

Q: Can I fight my own faction?

No, any matches of the same faction will not count towards the campaign. You can however, just have a friendly match with them.

Q: How many points/power should we play?

As much as you and your opponent agree to. Usually, folks play 500 to 2000 points. You can use points or power level.

Q: How do I ask/look for a game?

You can use this form to paste into the #looking-for-game channel on Discord. Then @ the @LookingForGroup group role to ping people under that role. Then, all you have to do is wait! If someone wants to play against you, they should send you a DM and you can organize from there.

If you’re looking to play a game, check the #looking-for-game channel and see if anyone is looking for a game.

You may get a game in just a few moments, or it may take much longer. There is no guarantee that you’re gonna get into a game instantly, so please be patient!

Q: I played my first game! How do I submit the results?

Hurray! You can submit the results to this google form:

That’s all you need to really know! Play safe, be sportsmanlike, and have fun!

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