The Beginning of an Adventure (And a QnA)

I don’t really know how to start these things. And to not lead you with a life story behind the announcement:

I am going full time on Youtube and Twitch. And I am absolutely terrified.

Lorn state his worries of Zoran potentially messing up this full time gig.

Announcements like these are usually extremely happy, which I am, and extremely grateful that I even have the chance to leap at this. News like this are usually filled with party poppers, cake, sometimes alcohol, being surrounded by people wishing you well and hoping the best for you. But here I am effectively stuck and scared in Washington state with little to no friends, no family, and an overarching sense of dread. It’d be a flat out lie to say that I’m not terrified or extremely worried. Online revenue sources, no matter how well maintained can quickly dry up in a split second. The support for your content can also quickly vanish at a moment’s notice and without warning. It’s tough, especially now that the market for people’s attention is so competitive and congested with people like myself asking for your support. And now it’s my job to succeed in this space, which is not easy in the slightest.

For those confused about what going full time means. It means that I will be concentrating on making internet content for Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms for all of you as a full-time gig, and my income is by the will of the audience. This means my days will be filled with managing assets, video editing, video recording, streaming, organizing collabs, working with other creators, voice acting, diving into excel sheets, meeting with companies, and much more every single day for hours upon hours on end nonstop. It’s a pretty time-consuming job, and you have to keep grinding at it to keep things up. So for those who don’t think this is a serious job, imagine being your own boss, employee, marketing team, social team, video production team, producer, writer, accountant, technician, QA, and more all in one package.

Is this a stupid decision? Absolutely, the much safer option would be to tough out my current game company job and just do what I can there. To continue to toil away at things I’ve become wholly uninterested in, struggling to find the motivation to really care about the overall mission. Leaving this job and pursuing my own ambitions seems fair to my current employment. I’d feel extremely guilty not giving it my all every time I went into a project there. Now with my departure, I hope they find a far better replacement so that the company excels with them and due to them. I hope to take up this new job as your entertainer, your storyteller, your haha funny internet man, your voice actor, your Leman Russ, and do my utmost best for all of you.

The decision to go full time was not made in haste. A lot of factors had to be considered years before even thinking this was even possible. Now with other fellow content creators of all sizes who sat down with me, giving me their advice and encouragement, I found myself accepting that this is the way forward. I’ve planned for something like this for a while, and I think now is the time to make it happen.

All of this wasn’t decided due to WarHams, it helped but not fully, which is something I wanted to make clear. The decision was being long considered a year or two ago making sure I’m not making a huge financial and life shift due to a whim of a project. I made sure things looked and felt steady in the long term, and so far things appear that way.

So with that I’m extremely eager, scared, and excited to take this risk. And I hope all of you will be there to support me.

ZoranTheBear fighting off Xenos, representing his fears.

Q&A time!

Now for the Q&A portion! I asked on Twitter for folks to send me questions that they’ve been curious about. So, text Q&A time!

What are you going to do now?

I’ve already contacted my employer that my last day will be on January 15th 2021. I currently live in Washington State, and plan to move back down closer to family and friends. Once there, the adventure begins. I have tons of ideas for shows and different bits of content. And I hope you all wish to be apart of it!

From Ursy: Hey so sorry if this sounds weird, but are you a furry? I just simply assumed cause of the fursona in the 40K armor you wear. Sorry if I’m mistaken.

I get this a lot and I understand why people would assume. But no, I am not a furry. I’m not really into fursonas and that particular culture. The Zoran bear to me is like an American football or baseball mascot. That is all that it’s meant to be, nothing more.

Uzu(left) with ZoranTheBear(Right)

From DuckLord: What is your avatar? Is he a custom legion of space marine by your creation?

The Space Marine bear is a fan space marine chapter named the “Ursa Majors.” I needed something to label the space marine look, and that seemed like the most non-cringe one possible. Me and my stuff is still pretty cringe, but everyone has their likes and dislikes.

To add onto the answer to generally answer other common questions. If I’m not doing Warhammer, the bear has a “base” design. Which I use to display my constant state of disappointment, but also being outwardly cute to most.

From Zark: Where did the name “ZoranTheBear” come from?

Zoran came from my first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character. Sadly as I got older and learned more about the world, I then found out that Zoran was a fairly common slavic name. “The Bear” came from a nickname I got in highschool, being a wide shouldered tall dude who liked giving hugs back then will grant you a name like that. If I could go back in time, or even name myself different now I would. But sadly that’d be internet suicide by this point.

Zoran's AD&D Character Sheet

From Seammus: How are you liking western Washington? Have you seen any of the sights or gone to visit the excellent beaches?

I have not been enjoying Washington, which sucks a lot. I arrived here, got an apartment, worked from dawn till dusk, then Covid happened, then the Riots happened, then having an overly expensive apartment happened. I never got to do anything neat or fun here.

It has been a miserable experience mainly due to the events of 2020. If not for all that, I think I would love being here if I could afford it.

From Scott: How did you meet Alfabusa?

I offered to play Eternal Crusade with him on the game’s forums. We got to playing, he really liked my voice, and asked me to be Leman Russ for If the Emperor had a TTS Device. It’s been memes ever since.

From HistorialHemp: How did you get into streaming?

I got into streaming and content creation to make money. Now before you get mad at me, let me explain why.

When I first got into content creation, it was out of pure desperation to get any sort of money in my family’s wallet. Work wasn’t going well for my folks, I couldn’t get a job, we lived out in the middle of nowhere, and overall it was a really terrible situation.

So with Satellite Internet, to later on a wireless internet hotspot/card that was thankfully cheaper. I played games and uploaded them to the internet for pocket change. With the 20 to 100 dollars I would get a month, I’d help buy my parents groceries and other necessities. It was one of the few things that gave me some sense of pride, knowing that this piece of garbage could finally produce something and contribute to his family in some way.

So as life continued and as I kept doing this, more and more I found that I really enjoyed entertaining people. Which now has become the driving factor to keep doing this. But I wouldn’t go down my route, do it if you have a passion for entertainment and a love for this sort of thing. Trying to shoot to be famous or with the “in” crowd isn’t worth it, and not all that it’s cracked up to be. I thankfully found myself being happy working hours on end on a show or something else online that others enjoy.

From Mama Mercy: Have you been keeping up with activities as of late? Like outdoor hobbies or get togethers with friends?

Due to having a full time salary job and doing Twitch and Youtube as much as possible, with addition to Covid, I haven’t been outside no longer than 30 minutes. I hope with this life change I can address some of this imbalance.

From Kinagar: What are your plans going forward with life and WarHams?

My plans are to hopefully balance my life out a bit more. I’d like to cook more, go exercise more, and all that instead of staying on the computer for the majority of the day slaving away. I plan on making WarHams an extensive network of content that people will enjoy. I want to do so much right now, and I hope the extra time given to me will make it happen.

Thank you all for supporting me and the crazy projects I do,

– ZoranTheBear


I mean
2020 brother…if you were in Washington state in like 2018 vs now…

Nothing but love for you and the crew…I’m hoping that in 2021 after I get in my post doc I can help more because we got to stick together.

Wait you live in western Washington? Holy shit, I know this is an extremely long shot but I’d love to meet you before you move away. You seem like an awesome dude and also if you need any irl professional photography done let me know I would happily do it for free.

Change is scary, but it creates possibilities for a better future. The good people of the multiple communities you have made and are apart of will always be here to support you as much as they can.

Good luck with everything in life and work, Zoran.

We might know some mutual friends. I played at Little Wars in Baton Rouge when I was in college and a few of the guys also moved to Washington to work at a game company. If you’re looking for locals to play with or doing anything with when you come back to Louisiana, hit me up. I enjoy your work and I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.

Zoshnell (Drinky Crow)

Sad that the move is causing stress, the job caused more and you are working ridiculous hours, and COVID is giving you even more grief in a city where you don’t really know anyone, but here’s to your successes going forward!

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