Welcome to the WarHams website!

The WarHams website has finally launched!

Now to answer the question, why do you need a website?

The main reason is to help facilitate information. Mainly for questions like who, what, when, and where regarding WarHams. Also for any social media language we have, it’s a lot easier to tell everyone to check the website for everything instead of sending 500 links to people.

Additionally we would like to use this website to host various forms of content. Obviously a hub for the videos & podcasts of the show, but we also are looking into making a webcomic that will be hosted here. Retelling the various adventures from WarHams, to allow folks an easier method to catch up with the story so far. Even though we structure WarHams to be accessible at nearly any episode, we understand that once these shows start having a ton of episodes, people tend to skip it due to how daunting it’d be to catch up. So hopefully a webcomic will be a fun solution for all.

If you have any suggestions for the website, we would love to hear from you on Twitter (@WarHamsShow)!

Thank you for all of your kick butt support,



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